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Perception is Reality?

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Perception is not reality

I’ve heard the term “perception is reality” used a lot these days. As with any interpretation, I tend to believe perception is a matter of perspective. It can change depending on what angle you’re looking at things from.

-Dig Deeper Ya’ll


Is it in the Kitchen?

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I was hired to do a fun little project over the holidays. The client wanted to create a joke gift for his roommate. The roommate in question is often misplacing things and looking for guidance.
The lost articles generally end up being found in the kitchen.
The client wanted to be able to point at the picture on the wall
the next time he was asked: Do you know where I put the remote?

Is it in the kitchen

Dig Deeper

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dig deeper with photo
I Took this picture on the way home from work one night.
I Though it went along perfectly with my theme. Underneath the surface of the roads all of the pipes in the town have had to be replaced.
Looking at the surface of it all, you’d never be able to tell unless…
That’s right, you guessed it! Unless you Dig Deeper!

Have a great day.

Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

Click below for some more shots from that night.
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Reflection Series – Pt 1

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The reflection series is a collection of images based off of a double meaning of the word. Inspired by my love of wordplay.
Reflect & Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

geo(typo)graphy – Where you at?

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