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Perception is Reality?

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Perception is not reality

I’ve heard the term “perception is reality” used a lot these days. As with any interpretation, I tend to believe perception is a matter of perspective. It can change depending on what angle you’re looking at things from.

-Dig Deeper Ya’ll



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Got a new track from Shad! Can’t wait for his new album to drop!
It’s called flying colours.
To be honest, the video is nothing special like previous shad videos, but the song is ill!

also, check this out! Shad showing off what a beast he can be with the verbals.

if you like these, go check out his site @
And go support!


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Can’t wait to post this design! but I have to wait till monday until it’s officially announced…

Check back on monday!

Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

Altered Lines T-shirts

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Here’s another look at the t-shirts for the fallout festival. Hand crafted. Made with Montana spray paint. These fine garments are stenciled on Gildan Heavy cotton t-shirts. Each shirt is unique, with a different combination of 3 colors; red, black, and white.
Available tomorrow (9/22/12) at the Fallout Festival
Hope to see you there!

Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

Happy Birthday!

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ChrisTmas is coming! It’ll soon be upon us. Everyone is excited to get new stuff! We get to see family that we never see. Get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Holiday cheer and eggnog abound! Just wanted to remind ya’ll to stop and say Happy Birthday!

Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

PEACE! And a Merry ChrisTmas to all!

Get Entertained for a Good Cause

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Click image to view larger.Help Feed the Starving Children

My boy Ed has put together a couple of short plays as a benefit to
Global Aid Network. If you would like to attend or need more info,
contact Ed Young at 508-476-7096 or email him at

Share a meal today. Change a life forever.
Global Aid Network is now overseeing projects in
more than 35 countries in four regions of the world:
Africa, the former Soviet Union, Latin America,
the Caribbean, and the Middle East.
They have distributed more than $125 million worth of aid.

For more information, call: 1-800-778-7806 or visit
If you like the cause, but can’t make the play,
Click Here to Make a Donation.

Thanks for your Support!


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Sometimes I go back and edit older posts!
You just have to Dig Deeper to find them.

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