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I play with Legos (pt. 3)

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Continuing to expand upon our previous Lego project, we repurposed our secret island. This project is all about equality… For monsters. After all, monsters are people too! -errr were people that is. 

My daughter decided that the monsters needed a place to relax and unwind. A place to escape the pressures of the day to day grind. Above all a judgement free environment to be themselves. 


As any mysterious monster island getaway should, it contains many secrets. There’s a total of 5 secret entrances hidden throughout the island. If you check out the previous build, you’ll find a few of them. Want to know about the rest? I can’t tell you, it’s a secret, but feel free to guess!

The mad scientist’s lab was inspired by one of my all time favorite movies, Back to the Future. Remember the clock tower? He kinda looks like Doc Brown too…

Want to relax and unwind? Why not sit by the waterfall and enjoy the view? Wondering what flounder has to do with monsters? He does work for a company that’s know for killing off parents in most of their movies! 

-Dig Deeper Ya’ll! 


I play with Legos (pt. 2)

Posted in Lego Creations with tags , , on June 15, 2015 by alteredlines
Relinquishing control is hard. Relinquishing control to a 7-year-old is harder. Reminding myself that the whole point of these Lego projects is to inspire my children to be creative, I let my daughter take a more active role in this one. She did some of the rock work, it came out really good too! My youngest still has no interest in participating in the building process. She prefers to just play once it’s complete.
Inspired by the new avengers movie, my oldest came up with the idea to create an island. An island with a secret inside!

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I play with Legos

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Growing up my favorite childhood toy was legos. So naturally, I’ve shared this passion of building with my children. My daughter calls me a “master builder”. If you’ve seen the Lego movie, you know that this title is quite an honor! Needless to say, I buy the kids legos all the time. And yes, my wife hates me for it. There’s some many pieces and they hurt soooo much when you step on them!

From time to time, the kids and I will come up with a project to build. They’ll come with the idea and I’ll build it.
Our first ever big project was a castle.
This baby had it all! Working drawbridge:


Secret entrance through the rocks:

Upgraded tiling:

And No castle is complete without a throne!


Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

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