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Do I have a God Complex?

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Or is it just my electrifying personality? Or is it just that I love cheesy humor? Even before I had kids, I was told I had “Dad humor”. Do what you’re good at right?

I’m taking the girls to The Boston Comic Con this weekend. The above picture is my first ever attempt at cosplay. My sewing skills are remedial at best, so I decided to employ lots of glue for this project. Being that my daughters are going as Black Widow and Captain America, they decided that I should be Thor. I don’t exactly have a Norse god physique so I’ll be representing what the retired Thor would look like.

I went with a mix of Classic Thor and Thor Odinson. This design is also dedicated to my oldest daughter’s battle with leukemia. If you’d like, you can read more about this by clicking here. The idea behind dressing up is to let my daughter know that she is a hero, she is strong and she will get through this ordeal. Coming through this, there will be nothing in life that can stop her. 

The belt buckle design is the logo for Team Maddy. The T is a cross and the M a heart, depicting faith and love. The bird represents her passion for all the winged beasts. One day she will walk and not grow weary, run and not grow faint and she will soar on wings like eagles.

The various scrapes and cuts in the armor represent the trials and tribulations that she has faced on her journey. Since I love my girls there is a heart on the helmet. On the hammer is an inscription of the purpose of Team Maddy.

If you feel inclined, please consider donating to The Jimmy Fund. They are an amazing organization. My family and I will be forever indebted to them! Click here to donate! 

If you are unable to donate, feel free to share the link to spread the word. Thank you!

-Dig Deeper Ya’ll!


Built to Last… Shall Be First

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These are my jeans… and they tell a story! They’ve been places.
Many places. They’ve explored the reservoir across the street
and through the woods by my home.
Accompanied me on countless adventures with my children.
They’ve been with me through struggle and strife.
Extreme moments of Joy as well.

Containing hidden messages like “The last shall be first”
and “100% Cotton”. What does that mean anyway?
I was talking about the 1st one, not the second.
I’m pretty sure I have the second one figured out. Pretty sure…
They have fades and creases that are unique, to only me.
This denim contains fine details that speak of my habits.
If you look closely, Dig Deeper perhaps?



They are an amazing collection of blood sweat and tears.
Many hours and days and months and years I’m sure went into
fabricating them. They are built to last and they are amazing!
I love that they were made with so much thought and care.
Thank-You Andrew Chen and Johan Lam. Who are these people, you ask?

Andrew and Johan are the co-owners of a brand called 3sixteen.
You may have noticed the link to their site on my blog.
They cover both coasts. East meets West. Residing in both New York
and California respectively. They also co-own a denim shop called Self Edge.
I’ve been following this brand since the very beginning.
They’ve got an amazing story of progression as a brand.
You should check them out!
Seriously go buy some jeans from them… You won’t regret it!


-Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

Joham Lam – I am Other

Posted in fashion with tags , , , , on August 16, 2012 by alteredlines

I just watched a really well done video on Johan Lam, co-owner of 3Sixteen and Self-Edge. For those of you who don’t know, 3Sixteen is a menswear line that I’m totally in love with. The quality of their clothing is simply amazing. I’ve been following the brand since they started out doing graphic t-shirts. I’ve always been inspired by the way they
handle themselves as a business.
Back in the day, I asked Andrew Chen (of 3Sixteen/Self Edge)
to critique my designs. Always grateful, I’ve grown alot as a designer
from his honest appraisal of my work. 3sixteen and Andrew have
been a huge influence on me. To 3Sixteen, Thanks guys!
To the rest of you, Go support!
They make the best clothes that I’ve ever worn!


Self Edge

The Hundreds

Posted in fashion with tags , , , , , on April 11, 2012 by alteredlines

The Hundreds has one of the coolest logos that I’ve ever seen!
Adam Bomb is his name and he’s just realized that he’s about to explode!
The Hundreds is HUGE! I’m sure all that is gibberish to people who are unfamiliar with the company,
so I suggest that you go check them out here.
Or click here if you prefer:
Anyway let’s go back to this logo. How many times in life have you
thought you were the bomb? Blindly following your ego, never realizing that you were about to self destruct. Introspection will take it’s hold after a few rounds of its everybody’s fault but mine and
you’ll actually learn something. (hopefully)
My wife gets me a few hundreds things for ChrisTmas every year. Usually a couple stickers, a lighter, and a t-shirt. So I’d been saving my big adam bomb sticker for awhile until I had something good to put it on. Enter my new shaker bottle (Thanks to Wifey!)
With my sticker poorly affixed to my bottle, I started to look at the backing. It’s got a cool design and it’s well made. It was perfect for a stencil!!!!

Dig Deeper Ya’ll!


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Just wanted to give a little blog love to Syndicated Clothing. I just bought a bunch of 3sixteen gear from them. They were out of the size for one of the shirts that I ordered, so they replaced it with a shirt that was more expensive, but kept the same price as the one that I ordered. Now that’s some good customer service! Thanks guys! Much appreciated!

If your looking for some gear, check em out!

3sixteen Fall 2009 Photoshoot

Posted in fashion with tags , , , , , on April 24, 2009 by alteredlines

3sixteen’s new offerings coming for fall ’09. The video is just awesome. Can’t wait till these drop.

Complete Technique

Posted in fashion with tags , , , on March 23, 2009 by alteredlines

Based out of New York, Complete Technique is hands down my favorite jeweller. They specialize in fine audio Jewelery.
I find myself checking the calendar portion of their site on the regular. Osa, the designer posts pictures of what he’s working on, showcasing the process on how each piece is made.


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