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reaperWe all make choices in life. Good or bad they are ours to make and no one can be blamed or credited for the choices but ourselves. We must take accountability for our actions, after all is said and done, you reap what you sow.
Often times people are upset with the repercussions of a given situation. The thing to be aware of is who was responsible for the percussion In the first place. If you’re the one holding the drum stick, you are the one responsible for the beat. It’s not always easy to keep pace.

I’m unfortunately good at learning from hindsight (it’s 20/20 after all), the problem being that I need to remind myself to take a step back to see the bigger picture. I could benefit by shoving rationalization aside, rather than giving him a chance to speak and entertain his thoughts. Ahh well you reap what you sow, right? It is what it is…

The above graphic represents those type of moments. Using rationalization to convince yourself that the decision you’re about to make is as pure as a freshly picked daisy. Meanwhile you neglect to dig deeper and get to the roots of the issue. Further down the road you realize that you my have inadvertently put a noose around your neck. Choices…

-Dig Deeper Ya’ll!


Shad – He say she say

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I was in the car with the girls the other day listening Taylor Swift. I couldn’t take another round of speak now. (the girls will listen to that song like 20 times in a row if I let them) That song haunts my dreams! To get some reprieve I popped in  Shad’s Flying Colours. This graphic is inspired by a line from the song “He say she say”. If you’re into hip hop, I highly recommend!

I also did another one a while back for the song “Yaa I get it” Click here to check it out.


Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

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Lindsey Stirling Portrait

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Having gone to see her perform recently, I decided to finally cut and mount the Lindsey Stirling Portrait I did awhile back.

Her most recent album, “shatter me” has a theme of breaking

out of our shell and pushing past the fear of change.

Going along with that motif, the background is made out of cardboard. It serves as a reminder that we should strive to think outside

of the box that we put ourselves in.

Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

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Be sure to check out my portfolio page:cropped-hire-brendon-header2

Is it in the Kitchen?

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I was hired to do a fun little project over the holidays. The client wanted to create a joke gift for his roommate. The roommate in question is often misplacing things and looking for guidance.
The lost articles generally end up being found in the kitchen.
The client wanted to be able to point at the picture on the wall
the next time he was asked: Do you know where I put the remote?

Is it in the kitchen

1st Congregational Letterhead

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Here’s some letterhead I designed for one of my top clients.

1st congregational letterhead2

Whole Foods Market Wellesley Pt.2

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Round 2 from my chalkboard work for Whole Foods Market in Wellesley.







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