Don’t Worry!


I’ve been avoiding writing this post for a some time now. I usually have to wipe a few tears when I even think about what to say here.

My oldest daughter was recently diagnosed with cancer…
Yeah, I know that’s a heavy word. The weight of it was almost unbearable when I first heard it. How could my baby have cancer? My world came crashing down.
She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). The family was reeling, It was a devastating blow. My next move was crucial. I decided to throw a party. You know the type, we’ve all been to one. The pity party was in full swing. The special of the night was “Woe is me Pale Ale”.
A few drinks in and I realized that this was a bad idea, hindsight is always like that. It was time to shut the party down. Last call! Everybody out! Fear and doubt were the first ones to go, I had the bouncers take care of them. Worry lingered, but I finally gathered the courage to ask them to leave. The thing with worries is that they cloud your mind with things that haven’t happened yet. And there’s a good chance that they never will happen. I’d rather laugh than cry, I’d also prefer to be happy over worrying. Especially in stressful situations. I made the picture above to remind my daughter of this. With her love of birds and our mutual love of word play, we came up with “Don’t worry, be harpy.” The harpy eagle happens to be her favorite bird at the moment. We also hid our initials, M and d, in the text.
My daughter is responding really well to her treatment. The people at The Children’s Hospital and the Jimmy Fund are incredible. Seriously they are amazing! We’re so lucky to have them nearby. Madison was already an amazing little girl, but now she’s my hero. Her display of grace, courage, and a positive attitude are something to strive for. That little girl rocks!
If you feel inclined to do so, please consider donating to The Children’s Hospital and/or the Jimmy Fund.
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