Built to Last… Shall Be First


These are my jeans… and they tell a story! They’ve been places.
Many places. They’ve explored the reservoir across the street
and through the woods by my home.
Accompanied me on countless adventures with my children.
They’ve been with me through struggle and strife.
Extreme moments of Joy as well.

Containing hidden messages like “The last shall be first”
and “100% Cotton”. What does that mean anyway?
I was talking about the 1st one, not the second.
I’m pretty sure I have the second one figured out. Pretty sure…
They have fades and creases that are unique, to only me.
This denim contains fine details that speak of my habits.
If you look closely, Dig Deeper perhaps?



They are an amazing collection of blood sweat and tears.
Many hours and days and months and years I’m sure went into
fabricating them. They are built to last and they are amazing!
I love that they were made with so much thought and care.
Thank-You Andrew Chen and Johan Lam. Who are these people, you ask?

Andrew and Johan are the co-owners of a brand called 3sixteen.
You may have noticed the link to their site on my blog.
They cover both coasts. East meets West. Residing in both New York
and California respectively. They also co-own a denim shop called Self Edge.
I’ve been following this brand since the very beginning.
They’ve got an amazing story of progression as a brand.
You should check them out!
Seriously go buy some jeans from them… You won’t regret it!


-Dig Deeper Ya’ll!


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