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You Reap What You Sow

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Did another remix. I updated the text on the reaper design.


Drive in Movie Theatre

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I love things that have aged over the years. I’ll usually stop and take a picture of the old barns that are falling apart that you see on your travels. There’s so much beauty in the decay. At least for me anyway. I took these shots about a year ago.
I found this old drive-in on my way to church one day.








Think outside the box

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Here’s a graphic I did for my portfolio site.

Think outside the box

T-shirt proofs

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Got a couple more t-shirt proofs.



Red Phoenix Healing

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red phoenix

Red Phoenix Healing is a private practice that provides consoling services, reiki treatments and classes. Notice that the Phoenix has a cracked heart for a tail. This symbolizes their clients when they first walk through the door. Red Phoenix will work with them to turn a heart issue around.
If you physically turn the logo around, you’ll notice a whole and complete heart in the negative space of the wings. The goal was to create
an eye catching logo with a great demonstration to have a
lasting effect on a prospective client.
I’ve also created a header for their website.
You can check it out at

red phoenix upside down


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Got the proof in for the branded t-shirt!


Do NOT conform

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HEY YOU! Do NOT conform to the world view. See through and transform. Confront the norm view, I’m just here to inform you.
Renew your mind, Altered Lines!
Just finished a remix of a design. I’m liking the updated one
better than the original.
Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 11.37.21 PM

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