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Super Lindsey (Stirling) and Her Amazing Friends

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super lindseyLindsey put this amazing photo on the interwebs and asked the question; If we were a group of super heroes, what would we be called?
The logo is inspired by my children’s love of the 60’s spider-man cartoon.
I never thought it would possible to be retro at the ages of 3 and 5?
I asked my oldest what she would name Lindsey if she were a super hero. She proudly exclaimed “Super Lindsey!”

If you “Dig Deeper”, I’m sure you’ll find hidden text in the logo.
The 1st initials of her bandmates, Drew and Gavi are in there.
Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Lindsey and her crew for being a constant source of inspiration!

super lindsey photo

Feeling a little confused as to who this Lindsey Stirling person is?
Click Here, but first make sure you’re not around anything flammable
as you’re sure to have your mind blown!
If you’ve extinguished the flames and are ready for round 2,
Click here!

Dig Deeper Ya’ll!


Shad – The Spring Up

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Shad - The Spring Up

Shad & Skratch Bastid Just teamed up to make a little magic
for your ear canals. Leading off with the track “Classic”
which is co-produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff, so you know its good.
As always, Shad is amazing with his verbs.
One of my favorites being:
“Know that shad’s a vet. Going over heads,
like you haven’t had your baggage checked!”
Like McDonald’s I’m loving this!
Hopefully you will too!
Go Support!

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Slow Down

Posted in Designs on June 12, 2013 by alteredlines

My youngest daughter and I were out for a hike one day at our favorite spot. Overcast cold and windy, it was a great day to catch sites like this. Not many people were out walking their dogs as per usual. We happened upon a praying mantis hanging out by the pumping station. Further down the path I noticed this huge turtle walking across the path.

It reminded me that we tend to fill our lives with a bunch of stuff that distracts us from what’s really important. At times in my life I’ve found myself caught up in whatever has been distracting me from what’s really important in life. Just a reminder to take a minute and refocus.

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