Fallout Festival 2012

Just finished a flyer for Art Attack Entertainment. If you’re local,
come check it out on September, 22nd 2012 @ 10:00am. The event features 7 Bands, Rap Battles, a BMX and a motorcycle stunt show. The show starts at 10 am. Adults $20 or $16 in advance. $7 for kids 6-12. Children under 6 are free. Some of the proceeds will be
donated to the Diabetes Foundation.
Click here to purchase tickets!

FULL BLOODED MUTT, Love And Opium, Speak, The Slobbies,
, Jon Krazyace Pope, 3sk, and Sheez Late.


7 Responses to “Fallout Festival 2012”

  1. Lynn Levasseur Says:

    Great job B! I put it out there and my friends are respond positively!

  2. […] you! Each shirt has it’s own unique details. With a limited run exclusively available at the Fallout Festival. Mark your calendars for this Saturday, September 22. Doors open at 10am. Hope to see you […]

  3. […] when I got my business cards yesterday. The estimated delivery date was to be 2 days after the fallout festival. Contingency plans of sub par cards were dancing through my head. Thankfully that won’t be […]

  4. […] Here’s the design that I did for the Official Fallout Festival 2012 t-shirt. Yeah… I just used the word official to sound more important. But you were impressed, right? Well you should be! This festival is going to be awesome!!!! Break Dancing, Motor Cycle Stunts, Rap Battles, Live Bands, Altered Lines t-shirts! You should be there! For more info on the show and how to get advanced tickets CLICK HERE! […]

  5. […] a different combination of 3 colors; red, black, and white. Available tomorrow (9/22/12) at the Fallout Festival Hope to see you […]

  6. […] Here’s some shots of his paintings from the Fallout Festival: […]

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