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I was lucky enough to meet an amazing artist at the Fallout Festival last week. He goes by Eyeformation I’d highly recommend checking out his art! Check out his site at:

Here’s some shots of his paintings from the Fallout Festival:

He did the skulls in the background of this one:

Merch Table:

He was also kind enough to tag my sketch book!


altered lines Dig Deeper t-shirt photo shoot

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The Procussions Indiegogo Campaign

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The Procussions need your help to record a new album!
Who are the Procussions you ask? They are amazing!
Combining the talents of Stro Elliot and Mr. J. Medeiros
to capture a vibe that I’ve seen no other band replicate!
If you’re a regular follower of my blog, You’re aware of my man crush on Mr. J. Medeiros.
I can’t help it, his music is sooo dreamy! LOL!

Ahh… Anyway… If you would like to help fund the new album,
or get more info go to their indiegogo Campaign, Click Here.
If you would like to purchase their older music Click here.

If you are unfamiliar with their body of work,
here are some videos to check out.
The visuals in these following 2 videos are amazing! Really well done.
The Procussions – The Storm
Hocus Pocus – Hip Hop? feat The Procussions
This track is one of my all time favorite songs, period. It’s in my top 5!
J.O.B. Just Over Broke – The Procussions

Altered Lines T-shirts

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Here’s another look at the t-shirts for the fallout festival. Hand crafted. Made with Montana spray paint. These fine garments are stenciled on Gildan Heavy cotton t-shirts. Each shirt is unique, with a different combination of 3 colors; red, black, and white.
Available tomorrow (9/22/12) at the Fallout Festival
Hope to see you there!

Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

Elements-Dubstep Violin -Lindsey Stirling

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Check out this new video from Lindsey Stirling.
She just released a new album, so if you like her music, Go Support! If you would like to purchase her music, you can find it on itunes or for your convenience,
you can click here, or you can Click Here!
Ok, so I know that both of those “click here’s”
lead to the same place, but I wanted you to feel like you had options!

Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

Official Fallout Festival T-Shirts

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Here’s the design that I did for the
Official Fallout Festival 2012 t-shirt.
Yeah… I just used the word official to sound more important.
But you were impressed, right? Well you should be!
This festival is going to be awesome!!!!
Break Dancing, Motor Cycle Stunts, Rap Battles, Live Bands,
Altered Lines t-shirts! You should be there!
For more info on the show and how to get advanced tickets

Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

Altered Lines Business Cards

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I was pleasantly surprised when I got my business cards yesterday.
The estimated delivery date was to be 2 days after the fallout festival. Contingency plans of sub par cards were dancing through my head. Thankfully that won’t be the case!

Continuing the dig deeper motif, the card features black on black printing on the front side. If you shine a light on the card, a hidden message
will appear. Light tends to make things clearer in the darkness.
The techno geek inside you will appreciate the use of QR codes
on the back side. If you have a smart phone and a QR scanner app,
you can simply scan the card to either go to the website or give me a call.
I look forward to working with you!

-Dig Deeper Ya’ll

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