Natasha Jain

I bumped into one of my old co-workers the other day. She was putting up a nice artsy flower display on the wall of the floral dept. at the Whole Foods in Wellesley. Go check it out if you’d like to see it!
(Sorry folks I didn’t take a pic)
Anyway we caught up and exchanged sites. Natasha has one of the coolest business cards I’ve seen in a long time (see above). I keep wanting to throw it around the room to see if it’ll fly! Here’s a sampling of Natasha’s work from her website.
Check out to see more of her stuff.

Go support!
Dig Deeper Ya’ll!


One Response to “Natasha Jain”

  1. It’s so great to get to work with and meet other artists and see what they’re into. Great site, I’ll definitely keep reading and thanks for the feature! The card is inspired by works on paper being a vehicle of imagination ‘imagination taking flight’. Much like your “dig deeper” ideas mysteriously popping up all over town. Take action! It’s been a pleasure sharing ideas… keep them coming.

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