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Dig Deeper!

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As you know from the masthead, Altered Lines encourages you to Dig Deeper! But what does that really mean? Should we dig holes everywhere? Maybe we just need to climb out of the hole that we have dug ourselves into. I guess it really depends on the perspective or the situation. But seriously what does it really mean?
I’ve found through life that the surface of things is not usually what is really going on. It’s a shell or a mask if you will. Our eyes are useful, but they blind us from a lot of things. The term I can’t believe my eyes has a lot of truth to it. They only show us part of the picture. So I encourage you to find out what is really going on. The truth is out there somewhere, you just have to dig a little to find it.


Nothing New

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It’s nothing new that we need more REAL fathers.
Learn from Darth’s mistakes…Show your kids you love them!

Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

The Hundreds

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The Hundreds has one of the coolest logos that I’ve ever seen!
Adam Bomb is his name and he’s just realized that he’s about to explode!
The Hundreds is HUGE! I’m sure all that is gibberish to people who are unfamiliar with the company,
so I suggest that you go check them out here.
Or click here if you prefer:
Anyway let’s go back to this logo. How many times in life have you
thought you were the bomb? Blindly following your ego, never realizing that you were about to self destruct. Introspection will take it’s hold after a few rounds of its everybody’s fault but mine and
you’ll actually learn something. (hopefully)
My wife gets me a few hundreds things for ChrisTmas every year. Usually a couple stickers, a lighter, and a t-shirt. So I’d been saving my big adam bomb sticker for awhile until I had something good to put it on. Enter my new shaker bottle (Thanks to Wifey!)
With my sticker poorly affixed to my bottle, I started to look at the backing. It’s got a cool design and it’s well made. It was perfect for a stencil!!!!

Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

Do you?

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I Wonder if anyone will ever see the back side of this?

Dig Deeper ya’ll!

Happy Holidays

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Ahhhhhhh the sweet taste of smooth chocolaty bunny. You can’t wait to sink your teeth into it! To taste that smooth velvety chocolate on your lips. You hurriedly open the box, Your mouth is salivating with anticipation as you raise it to your mouth. You take your first bite… and the chocolate crumbles beneath your teeth. You stare in amazement as you realize that the cute little woodland creature that you just bit into is in fact hollow…

Hollow? We kind of get used to that in life. I’ve got a feeling that all this hub bub over the bunny isn’t what it’s really all about. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m down with the bunny, But I really don’t feel like old Peter rabbit has much substance to him. Is there something out there to fill that hole inside? Maybe, but we all have to follow the breadcrumbs ourselves and find the truth that is out there. I invite you to take the path less travelled, because the broad road that everyone is traveling on surely can’t lead to anything good. So crack open your X-files Moulder and Scully, cuz the truth is out there!

Dig Deeper Ya’ll

And remember…

Natasha Jain

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I bumped into one of my old co-workers the other day. She was putting up a nice artsy flower display on the wall of the floral dept. at the Whole Foods in Wellesley. Go check it out if you’d like to see it!
(Sorry folks I didn’t take a pic)
Anyway we caught up and exchanged sites. Natasha has one of the coolest business cards I’ve seen in a long time (see above). I keep wanting to throw it around the room to see if it’ll fly! Here’s a sampling of Natasha’s work from her website.
Check out to see more of her stuff.

Go support!
Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

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