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Toy Story Days

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Sketch I did for my daughter when she was going through her
Toy Story phase.


Mr. J – Pale Blue Dot

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Free Snippets!!!

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Othello’s got a new Disc coming out soon, Go check the free DL of snippets. Enjoy!

Lindsey Stirling

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Do like violin music? Mixed with hip hop? Just add a little dancing and you’ve got yourself a Lindsey Stirling! Her music is pretty awesome, but her videos are simply amazing. I’ve got a few that are in my inspiration folder. It’s not hard to understand why Lindsey is my 4 year old’s new favorite artist (sorry Mr. J!) Anyway, heres a couple of my daughter’s favorite Lindsey videos. If you like her music, Go support!
Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

Shane Lewis

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Some amazing work by my buddy Shane. I really love his style. If you like his stuff, If you’d like to Check him out on Facebook, Click Here!

SHAD & Mr. J Together at last!!!!

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It’s not hard to tell that I’m more than a little excited to hear
2 of my top 5’s on a track together. Pale Blue Dot is an awesome song, but throw Shad into the (re)mix and what you’ve got is epic!
I’ve been listening to this track non-stop since I got it last night!
I can’t believe they released this one for free!
So go check out the track see what you think. As Always, go support if you like it. Don’t forget, if you click one of the “like” buttons at the bottom of this post, you can share it on facebook, twitter, etc. Go Support!

Dig Deeper Ya’ll!
Click Here to Listen and Download!

Snow Days

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It’s snowing outside here today. I don’t feel like going out side and building snow men. (much to my children’s disappointment.) It’s one of those sit back and relax in front of the tube kinda days! 



Tried to watch the tube but sadly there was nothing on…


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