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Luke! I am your father!

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Ever wonder how much darth must’ve owed in back child support?
I got hired to do a Darth Vader for the clients kid’s room.
This is going to be epic! 40″ of Darth!
Anyway here’s the practice sketch,
Might end up using it for something in the future on the site…


Pale Blue Dot

Posted in Music with tags , , , on February 28, 2012 by alteredlines

Mr. J Medeiros just dropped a new track entitled “Pale Blue Dot”. The single was produced by Stro Elliot and features Gianinna Ashe, as well as being a FREE download, it is also on exclusive 7” (blue) Vinyl with B-Side featuring Canadian rapper SHAD produced by French master mind 20Syl…only 200 manufactured and hand numbered.

My Dreams have come true! My two favorite emcees (Shad & Mr. J) together on one track! I’m so pumped for this! Below are the links if you are interested in purchasing. Mr. J is an independent artist, so if you like his music go support by sharing it on facebook, purchasing his music etc. The guy makes some pretty amazing music, so help him out!

-Dig Deeper Ya’ll!




Less is More… More or less…

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Wait what??? How can less be more? I though it was MORE! MORE! MORE! It’s all about the C.R.E.A.M. right?

OK, so I realize that not everyone that reads this is a hip hop head, so let me give you a real quick history lesson… There once was this clan know as Wu-Tang. They were really into this thing called shaolin or something. They said that Cash Ruled Everything Around them. CREAM! Got it? Good, so let’s move on. At any rate I’ve started to realize that all of this “stuff” that we collect in our lives slows us down and creates a distraction from what we really need to do. I dunno just been thinking lately of what do I really want more of…

Black and White

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I was cleaning out my closet the other day and found an old sketch book, I feel like I say that every time I post sketches, but I always loose my sketch books after filling only a few pages. Anyway,



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Awesome collection of some of Shad’s Collaborations
with other artists. Love this Guy! -Go Support!


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Some window art that I did on my car a little while back. Unfortunately it rained before I could finish all of the details. I miss working in chalk ink. This one is for all you hockey fans. LET’s GO BRUINS!!!

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