We got Idols, trifle shifting into idle,
Desires demand we shift to control
Punishing the clutch to hold the situation,
Placed as the judge and the jury,
Surely the X-rays will say
that I’m without broken bones.
I’ve strayed from home,
Posting up posters on poles,
reading that I’m missing the point.
It’s about me, can’t see cuz
I’m rolling on these logs,
Hog the spotlight,
But you flip it, it’s bright
and exposes the picture I’m in,
So take the snapshot,
Why am I gonna blow up the spot,
It’s not about the spare change in my pocket,
Gotta rock it, Take out the Key,
Unlock it,
And actually make some change happen.
Don’t get trapped in imprisoned minds,
Rhymes timed to Roman lines…
Do not conform to the world view,
we gotta see through, TRANSFORM!
Confront the norm view, Renew ya mind,
And change like altered lines.


One Response to “Missing!”

  1. It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why
    their is a problem in the first place

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