Word junction, what’s your function?
Are you used to build up or destroy?
Are your intentions to tear them down?
And if ripped to the ground is your inclination,
Then what is the motivation?

If I breathed air through lips to grow (that’s inflation)
What would your mental dictation tell you?
Would it be directed towards cessation
Or flow towards regeneration?
Does pushing others buttons ease the depression?
I mean these are just questions and who knows…
They could be internally based,
And often times we find it easier to place
Another person’s face on the one
Staring back at us from the mirror.
So spray some windex on the surface
Or maybe somethin’ with a little abrasion
If slave to the grind is where we been stayin’,
I’m just sayin’ dig deeper and remove the mask,
Cast off the disguise… WHAT GUISE?
Are you surprised that we been lying to ourselves?


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