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Make Change Happen

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Can a leopard change his spots? Or do his spots change him?
Do our past transgressions define us? Perhaps confine us?
If you find that your name is Samsonite,
Imprisoned and carrying all of your baggage,
Then why not find the key to break free?

Follow the bread crumbs like Hansel and Gretel
and take the road less traveled.
Make change happen. So scrape up your pennies and start saving.
We are all works in progress. Sometimes it’s about the journey
rather than the destination.

So I find that my mind is placed in the space where
we can have a cause rather than be effected. But who will shape us?
Will the situation or environment influence you or will you influence it?

Folks, it’s time to start a Revolution!!!
Just remember…
Revolution starts within!


geo(typo)graphy – Where you at?

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