For Your Reading Pleasure

I’ve asked my buddy Gene to write a little somthin’, somthin’ for the website, enjoy!

A feather tips a ton. You perfectly balance on the teeter totter. Your Buick’s nose sticks over the cliff. The coal shuttle waits at the tracks’ edge into the mine. The slightest tip sucks it in the earth. No light. Coughing air. A feather will do it.
You have a ton of feathers perched to burst above you. They strain the fabric that holds them. The ton can’t hold even one more feather without breaking, tearing, bursting and falling. Soft. No-sneeze feathers. They cloud, catch and fall, drop and stall.
None of these things – none of these things – can measure feathers. Put a feather on your teeter totter, your car, your Disney ride, your average constraining envelopment and you get nothing. No action. Nada.
But at some point, the feather, the dust, the dandelion puff, the snowflake bring down the roof. No one ever figures out exactly which flake, speck or feather is the one.


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