Things That I’ve Learned Along the Way

Things I’ve learned:

No matter how well you think you explained it,
There’s still going to be people that don’t get you.

Be Yourself regardless.

The filter from my brain to my mouth needs to be changed once in awhile…

Information isn’t knowledge

Good intentions don’t mean it’s a good idea

I enjoy some of the shows my daughter watches, Barney’s not all that bad…

But I do wish I could get the Macaroni and cheese song out of my head!

My daughter has a lot to teach me about life…

We should all be more like children

Parties with two different people groups are like school dances,
boys on one side girls on the other

We’re not all that different if you take away the outward appearance.

I talk to much and listen to little, perhaps I should buy a muzzle?

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but the cooler ones will get read more.

I love bad puns and cliches!
There’s nothing new under the sun and I’m sure that this has all been said in one form or another, so thanks for reading my verbal diarrhea!


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