The Guardian Bee

As I sit on my balcony, committing slow suicide one puff at a time, staring down the guardian bee of the unseen hive. He hovers there staring me down. Occasionally darting off to remind invaders of his airspace that this is a no fly-zone.

Introspection soon sets in, reminding me of times when I’m wondering why my house of cards is crashing down around me. My first instinct is to follow Homer Simpson’s advice of “it’s every body’s Fault but mine”. It’s a band-aid fix that allows the infection to set in.
As I stumble down the rabbit hole of pointing fingers in every direction but the right one.
The small cut grows. Feeding it with every solution known to man… Except the one that’s truly needed. Wants and needs are often polar opposites.

Sooner or later I Forest Gump my way onto the right path. Once I take ownership of the problem, the antiseptic of truth starts doing its work. Yet had I been vigilant and kept my guard up, I would have chased off the problem before it became an issue.

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One Response to “The Guardian Bee”

  1. nice, so when are you going to quit?

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