Ain’t much for peotry, how bout some prose?

Figured I’d start posting some of my written pictures as well.

quartz movement
A dead line’s fine, but when the line ends
Are you feeling death creep your mind?
Time ticking, tick tock, the clock lulls you to sleep,
As the dial tone hones your connection.
Do you question all the busy signals?
With those ignorance’s to call waiting,
Briefly dating picking up the message
When the inbox is full,
You upgrade many phones,
But idle chatter drones onto capture the signal,
Only 3 bars left, facing death
No charge for battery as the depth of the situation
Eludes you, due in part to the direction
That you’ve been facing.
And the tick tock gently passes by,
Deceptive in saying you’ll always have me,
Meanwhile the gears keep turning,
Revolving and burning, clicking revolutions,
Secretly hiding solutions of seize the moment,
Atonement, postponement, choice is yours
As the minutes gather into hours
Regardless of your decision,
Precision quartz unwinding with the rythm of rhyme,
Timed lines till watch clicks its last sec.
Life or death speaks between the clicks
Of the clock and to which voice have you cast your attention?


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