Found this while web-surfing last week. This inspired a design that I probably won’t start for a few weeks… It’ll haunt me until I give up on procrastination and finally decide to create something… Man I hate the artistic slumps. Anyways, enjoy!


Source: Who Killed Bambi?


3 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. i have to be the worst for artistic slumps.. but i’m working on it.

    i look forward to seeing what these inspire you to create.

  2. Thankfully it was a shorter one. Sucks when I’m like that at work. Totally tapped creatively and I’m staring at a project where they want “something creative” for whatever sale they are puching… lol! The idea I was refering to is above this post. The pic is kinda small so I’ll just point out that the text is made entirely from the altered lines logo.

  3. […] lines altered lines encourages you to Dig Deeper « Inspiration Don’t believe the hype! […]

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