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Nothing like a good mixtape for the weekend. Thinking about putting together an altered lines Mixtape in the future, so any artists out there, get at me if you’re interested.

Enjoy the Music!
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BOOOOOOOM! – Project #7

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Jeff Hamada over at has another cool project going on. Hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to get something together, but 2 minutes is hard to find with a little one running around… I know, I know the time I’m spending to write this up could have been used to participate in the project, but hey then all ya’ll wouldn’t know about it. (Unless you read it on Boooooom yourself) Besides I’d rather make excuses for not doing things. Take responsibility for my actions? Please! Have we learned nothing from today’s scociety? LOL!

So anyway, here’s the instructions for Project #7. Alter a magazine cover! Find a magazine cover (a person’s face is a great starting point). Alter the image using pen, pencils, paint, scissors, whatever! Take a photo of your creation! No digital work – get off your computer!
Since I’m blogging about this kinda late, there’s been a bunch of submissions already.

Here’s a few that I was digging.

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Life at (up to) 3g Speeds

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For all you tech geeks out there, check out the video blog at I get a kick out of igreggor’s rants about technology, super markets, and all things apple. The show airs 4 times a week.

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Shad- alt. sessions

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Check out Shad over at Here’s a preview of the video.

To see the full episode,

Complete Technique

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Based out of New York, Complete Technique is hands down my favorite jeweller. They specialize in fine audio Jewelery.
I find myself checking the calendar portion of their site on the regular. Osa, the designer posts pictures of what he’s working on, showcasing the process on how each piece is made.


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New (old) Banksy

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Some newer Banksy stuff that was put up awhile back.

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Custom Shades

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Got me some custom shades thanks to my daughter. Not quite as cool as Jeff Hamada’s new shades But these were made with some fine materials. You too could be stylin’ like me. Just take the finest masking tape you can find (I used 2″ wide), your favorite colored sharpies and a pair of broken cheap sunglasses.


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