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Steve’s Dirty Words

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My latest commission is all about dirty words! 7 to be precise, but they’re probably not the ones that you’re thinking of…

Steve Bisson LMHC specializes in counselling services for substance abuse, also dealing with trauma and crisis in several settings. With his 7 dirty words, he wants to you to be able to overcome your past to attain Honest, Real Change. The 7 dirty words now hanging in his office highlight this.

I had a blast with this project, it was the perfect blend of fun, yet challenging. I love using pop culture references to say something deeper. With this mashup, we combined Steve’s love of Star Wars with his message. Steve insisted that the Kylo Ren illustration include the scar on his face. I like the symbolism of taking off the mask and dealing with your emotional scars to promote mental health. It was a pleasure to work with Steve again on a project. If you would like to see our previous project, please click here!


Darth Vader

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img_2584I still have to finish the background for Vader . It’s going to be a sad day when I have to give it to the client. I’ve had way to much fun having Darth grab things. 

If you’re asking yourself where’s the dig deeper part, look to Darth’s helmet. It explains why he is so angry and evil, He’s got a broken heart. On the other side is the 1st initial of the child it was made for.   When he’s older, his father can explain to him the deeper meaning of this Vader. Remember folks to choose wisely and dig deeper y’all! 


Stay Puft

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My daughter has recently become obsessed with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Being that her birthday is coming up in a few days, she requested a Stay Puft toy. I looked everywhere to find one, but came up empty handed. Luckily I had a project that fell through, so I had the time to finish this for her birthday.  


Working through mistakes

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I just finished a commission, though the final product is not what was intended (above). I was experimenting with a new product to clear coat these panels. Unfortunately it made all the ink smudge and I was forced to do another layer over it. Luckily, I ended up liking this better than my original idea. (Below) 

Dig Deeper ya’ll! 

I play with Legos (pt. 3)

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Continuing to expand upon our previous Lego project, we repurposed our secret island. This project is all about equality… For monsters. After all, monsters are people too! -errr were people that is. 

My daughter decided that the monsters needed a place to relax and unwind. A place to escape the pressures of the day to day grind. Above all a judgement free environment to be themselves. 


As any mysterious monster island getaway should, it contains many secrets. There’s a total of 5 secret entrances hidden throughout the island. If you check out the previous build, you’ll find a few of them. Want to know about the rest? I can’t tell you, it’s a secret, but feel free to guess!

The mad scientist’s lab was inspired by one of my all time favorite movies, Back to the Future. Remember the clock tower? He kinda looks like Doc Brown too…

Want to relax and unwind? Why not sit by the waterfall and enjoy the view? Wondering what flounder has to do with monsters? He does work for a company that’s know for killing off parents in most of their movies! 

-Dig Deeper Ya’ll! 

Back to the Future 

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  Imagine if the Prius was around back in 1985. As of 4:00 today we officially stepped into the future. Where’s my hover board? 
I wanted to have this post published by 4:00 today (the time Marty and Doc entered the future), it’s now 5:56… Maybe I shouldn’t have picked a Prius? 

Please feel free to share this.

-Dig Deeper Y’all! 

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