Do I have a God Complex?

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Or is it just my electrifying personality? Or is it just that I love cheesy humor? Even before I had kids, I was told I had “Dad humor”. Do what you’re good at right?

I’m taking the girls to The Boston Comic Con this weekend. The above picture is my first ever attempt at cosplay. My sewing skills are remedial at best, so I decided to employ lots of glue for this project. Being that my daughters are going as Black Widow and Captain America, they decided that I should be Thor. I don’t exactly have a Norse god physique so I’ll be representing what the retired Thor would look like.

I went with a mix of Classic Thor and Thor Odinson. This design is also dedicated to my oldest daughter’s battle with leukemia. If you’d like, you can read more about this by clicking here. The idea behind dressing up is to let my daughter know that she is a hero, she is strong and she will get through this ordeal. Coming through this, there will be nothing in life that can stop her. 

The belt buckle design is the logo for Team Maddy. The T is a cross and the M a heart, depicting faith and love. The bird represents her passion for all the winged beasts. One day she will walk and not grow weary, run and not grow faint and she will soar on wings like eagles.

The various scrapes and cuts in the armor represent the trials and tribulations that she has faced on her journey. Since I love my girls there is a heart on the helmet. On the hammer is an inscription of the purpose of Team Maddy.

If you feel inclined, please consider donating to The Jimmy Fund. They are an amazing organization. My family and I will be forever indebted to them! Click here to donate! 

If you are unable to donate, feel free to share the link to spread the word. Thank you!

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Don’t Worry!

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I’ve been avoiding writing this post for a some time now. I usually have to wipe a few tears when I even think about what to say here.

My oldest daughter was recently diagnosed with cancer…
Yeah, I know that’s a heavy word. The weight of it was almost unbearable when I first heard it. How could my baby have cancer? My world came crashing down.
She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). The family was reeling, It was a devastating blow. My next move was crucial. I decided to throw a party. You know the type, we’ve all been to one. The pity party was in full swing. The special of the night was “Woe is me Pale Ale”.
A few drinks in and I realized that this was a bad idea, hindsight is always like that. It was time to shut the party down. Last call! Everybody out! Fear and doubt were the first ones to go, I had the bouncers take care of them. Worry lingered, but I finally gathered the courage to ask them to leave. The thing with worries is that they cloud your mind with things that haven’t happened yet. And there’s a good chance that they never will happen. I’d rather laugh than cry, I’d also prefer to be happy over worrying. Especially in stressful situations. I made the picture above to remind my daughter of this. With her love of birds and our mutual love of word play, we came up with “Don’t worry, be harpy.” The harpy eagle happens to be her favorite bird at the moment. We also hid our initials, M and d, in the text.
My daughter is responding really well to her treatment. The people at The Children’s Hospital and the Jimmy Fund are incredible. Seriously they are amazing! We’re so lucky to have them nearby. Madison was already an amazing little girl, but now she’s my hero. Her display of grace, courage, and a positive attitude are something to strive for. That little girl rocks!
If you feel inclined to do so, please consider donating to The Children’s Hospital and/or the Jimmy Fund.
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Shad – He say she say

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I was in the car with the girls the other day listening Taylor Swift. I couldn’t take another round of speak now. (the girls will listen to that song like 20 times in a row if I let them) That song haunts my dreams! To get some reprieve I popped in  Shad’s Flying Colours. This graphic is inspired by a line from the song “He say she say”. If you’re into hip hop, I highly recommend!

I also did another one a while back for the song “Yaa I get it” Click here to check it out.


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Super Heroes and Super Denim

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ZIMMM!!! BIFFFFFF! THWAAAAAAAP! (and other related sound effects)

Here’s a couple superheroes in different styles. Captain America is actually done in crayon. Crayons are truly a horrible medium to work in, it’s no wonder that my little ones are always trying to get into my art supplies. Oh and tape! They have this obsession with it. I have to hide it from them. They’re like little tape junkies… They go through a whole role in a matter of minutes. You ever had to have a hidden tape stash? This guy does.



My most recent denim purchase was a pair of 30BSP’s by 3sixteen+.  They combine two things that I love to geek over, comics and high end denim. Besides having more room in the upper block, these puppies have the infinity gauntlet on the patch! Every time I slip these bad boys on my ass feels more powerful! (and it was already a formidable foe!) Hopefully ya’ll are geeky enough to understand that joke.

If you’re interested in the jeans,  click here to read about one of my other pairs.




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Lunchbox Notes

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Continuing on with the kid related artwork theme as of late, I present to you:

Artwork in my children’s lunch boxes. Every once in a while I’ll surprise the kids with a little drawing and note from dad. Nothing like a little surprise art to brighten your day. One time my oldest even did it for me in my lunch, it was the cutest thing ever!



I play with Legos (pt. 2)

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Relinquishing control is hard. Relinquishing control to a 7-year-old is harder. Reminding myself that the whole point of these Lego projects is to inspire my children to be creative, I let my daughter take a more active role in this one. She did some of the rock work, it came out really good too! My youngest still has no interest in participating in the building process. She prefers to just play once it’s complete.
Inspired by the new avengers movie, my oldest came up with the idea to create an island. An island with a secret inside!

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Lindsey Stirling Portrait

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Having gone to see her perform recently, I decided to finally cut and mount the Lindsey Stirling Portrait I did awhile back.

Her most recent album, “shatter me” has a theme of breaking

out of our shell and pushing past the fear of change.

Going along with that motif, the background is made out of cardboard. It serves as a reminder that we should strive to think outside

of the box that we put ourselves in.

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