Perception is Reality?

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Perception is not reality

I’ve heard the term “perception is reality” used a lot these days. As with any interpretation, I tend to believe perception is a matter of perspective. It can change depending on what angle you’re looking at things from.

-Dig Deeper Ya’ll


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I’ve started getting into portraits recently. Here’s my most recent piece.

Is it in the Kitchen?

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I was hired to do a fun little project over the holidays. The client wanted to create a joke gift for his roommate. The roommate in question is often misplacing things and looking for guidance.
The lost articles generally end up being found in the kitchen.
The client wanted to be able to point at the picture on the wall
the next time he was asked: Do you know where I put the remote?

Is it in the kitchen

1st Congregational Letterhead

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Here’s some letterhead I designed for one of my top clients.

1st congregational letterhead2

Custom Chalk Board

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Recently did a chalkboard for an engagement announcement.
Congrats to Beth and Anand!

I play with Legos

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Growing up my favorite childhood toy was legos. So naturally, I’ve shared this passion of building with my children. My daughter calls me a “master builder”. If you’ve seen the Lego movie, you know that this title is quite an honor! Needless to say, I buy the kids legos all the time. And yes, my wife hates me for it. There’s some many pieces and they hurt soooo much when you step on them!

From time to time, the kids and I will come up with a project to build. They’ll come with the idea and I’ll build it.
Our first ever big project was a castle.
This baby had it all! Working drawbridge:


Secret entrance through the rocks:

Upgraded tiling:

And No castle is complete without a throne!


Dig Deeper Ya’ll!

Powerpuff Girls

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I found some old pieces that I did for the kids. Back in the powerpuff girls phase. You can also see my youngest daughter’s artwork in the top left hand corner of the pic. I absolutely love her style! The chalk was fun, but man did my knees hate me for that one. #gottalovegettingold




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